How to Choose a Nanny From Agencies

Choosing a nanny is no easy task. After all, it is a question of your child’s well being, care and development. That is the reason nanny agency in London, present a handy how-to that you can use while choosing a nanny from agencies.

  • Know your child’s needs: Before you hire a nanny, even if it is from one of the best nanny agency in London has to offer, you need to know and understand your child’s needs. A few things to take into considerations are:
    • How many of your children will the nanny be responsible for?
    • What is the age difference between them?
    • Do any of the children have any special needs?
    • Any allergy or medical condition that the child faces?
    • What is their day to day routine?
    • What is the schedule of their school, training and activities?
  • Understand your requirements: Another set of questions that you need to ask are not about your child’s requirements but what are your expectations and requirements out of the nanny. Before you approach an agency, you and your partner need to sit down and discuss, among other things, the following:
    • How are the kids supposed to spend their time during the day?
    • What are the house rules that need to be enforced?
    • Any restrictions on Televisions, computers, video games, staying outside, bedtime, etc.
    • What are the foods the child is allowed to have? What are things to be avoided or are restricted? What are the items that are strictly forbidden?
    • What are the developmental areas that need to be worked on? For example the child’s social skills, school work, speech, manners and etiquettes, etc.
    • The time duration for which nanny will stay with the children? Live in? After school? A few hours every day?
  • Choose the agency: Once you know what you want and what your children need, move on to choosing an agency. While doing so, review and check the following points:
    • What associations are they a part of or accredited by? Associations like INA and others ensure that each member agency adheres to strict standards.
    • What are their application criteria and the onboarding process? This will help you understand the qualifications that the nannies hold and the reasons why certain applicants are rejected.
    • What kind of customer service they provide?
    • What is the background check process they use while screening the nannies?
    • Talk to their references, past customers, etc. and get their reviews first hand.
  • Communicate: After choosing an agency, you need to make sure you communicate your expectations and your child’s requirement to the agency thoroughly. This will help them find you a nanny that is well suited for you.
  • Trial or talk: A few agencies allow a one-day trial work for the nanny. Others let you talk to the nanny so that both the parties understand each other well. This is the time for you to not only ask the correct questions but also to explain your requirements and rules to the nanny thoroughly. If it is a trial day, observe the nanny well to see if she is a good match for the house and kids or not.
  • Sign a proper contract: Once the agency gets you in touch with a nanny meeting your needs, you, the nanny and the agency all need to sign a contract that stipulates, the terms of work and includes things like the payment agreement, the nanny, the agency and your terms, confidentiality agreement, etc.

There is no single checklist that all parents can use while hiring a nanny. Like we believe and always say, every child is unique and so are their needs. This is the reason the first step in choosing a nanny is to know your children’s needs and understand your own requirements. Once you have that covered, you will find it a lot easier to find a caregiver in a nanny agency London, whom you can trust with the most important things of your life: your children.

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A Nanny Can be an Excellent Choice For Your Family

Each new child and each new year in that child’s life greatly changes the dynamics of a household and every member’s routine. And a child, irrespective of their age, is a huge responsibility. They need to be provided with every ounce of love, care and attention. However, parents are already hard-pressed to earn a living and meet the day to day demands of a home and a family.

In such a case, a nanny is an excellent choice for any family. Here is how:

  • Takes the responsibility off the parents’ shoulder: A nanny is someone who handles the day to day activity of childcare. As such, parents are free of a lot of responsibilities that would have otherwise demanded their time, effort and attention. With a nanny, they are left with the overseeing work to help and guide the nanny in taking care of their children the best way possible. This is a great thing, not only for working parents but also when one of the parents is away, unwell, or otherwise unavailable.
  • One on One attention: While daycares are indeed a great option, children in a classroom of 20-30 seldom get any individual attention of the caregiver. As such, a child’s unique requirements may not be noticed or taken care of. With a nanny though, the child gets ample one on one time, allowing the nanny to not only provide her full attention to the child but also bond with the children.
  • Specialised nannies for special kids: Whether you are a new parent or have been one for a few years, a child presents a unique challenge every day. And being individual human beings, they are never what you expected them to be. Your knowledge might not be enough to meet your child’s needs. However, while hiring a nanny London, you get the option to hire one who is specialized in the area you need help with. For example, a nanny can be extremely helpful for parents with twins, triplets or so on. Or for parents who have neuro-divergent children. Or even for parents whose children need specific medical or developmental attention. All a parent needs to do is find a nanny who has qualifications and experience in an area that is needed.
  • Does away with day-care related hassle: Sending a child to daycare is as good an idea as it is cumbersome. With daycare, every morning, not only you have to get up and get ready, but you also need to wake up a groggy toddler and get them ready. You need to adjust your work-time to be able to pick up and drop off your child to the centre. Additionally, you might have to take time off work in the middle of the day to reach the daycare centre and take care of any issue that the caregiver at the centre wishes to discuss with you.

Hiring the best nanny in London nanny eliminates all these problems so that your child gets a loving caregiver in the familiar environment of their own home.

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