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Sleeping baby

All applicants have medical, pedagogical or humanitarian education, as well as, extensive work experience 

“Nanny to a newborn” is an irreplaceable help, especially to the mothers of the firstborn.  She will not only provide full care for the newborn but also teach all about hygiene, development, regime and the like, if necessary.

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After school nanny is an irreplaceable helper in everyday life. Often, mum or dad cannot be in two places at the same time and pick their child up. Nanny meets a child after school, kindergarten or child’s activity have ended and independently takes them home.  All other duties of a regular nanny are also included in her responsibilities. Trusted Nannies provide Nanny and babysitting services in London.

Trusted Nannies - AU Pair London

Live-in nanny is the most loyal assistant a parent can have, as she will know everything about the changes of the baby’s/child’s day, about development, as well as, take on the functions of a helper in the household. She’ll take care of your baby/child around the clock. You can also take your nanny with you on a holiday  abroad.

Trusted Nannies - AU Pair London

Nanny-Housekeeper is first and foremost, a nanny for children, but also a household helper. Her duties are more devoted to children, and household chores are performed during their absence or when they are asleep. Nanny-Housekeeper is a nanny who is helping take care and develop children, as well as, keeping your home clean.

Trusted Nannies - AU Pair London

Governess is a woman with a higher pedagogical or humanitarian education and with extensive experience of working with a child in the family. Usually a nanny is required for a child from 0 to 4 years, for older children it would be a  a governess.
Our governesses possess special knowledge and methods of children’s development. The knowledge of pedagogy of preschool education provides development of the child in accordance with age and abilities. The governess accompanies the child to school or activity centre and  helps with school homework assignments. Children, are introduced to etiquette, and correct behaviour in society.

How We Pick The Staff

  • We carefully conduct interviews with each candidate. All information, such as DBS certificate, first aid certificate, passport/driver’s license, qualifications, history of employment, personal data, references are checked and stored with us. 
  • We put forward candidates, only for positions that they are suitable for, as accords to their qualifications, experience and personality. We respect the privacy of our customers.
  • By providing our clients with a detailed summary, we maintain communication between clients and candidates by organizing a telephone interview or a trial working day.
  • Candidates in turn take into account the ethics of communication and the standards of conduct in the family of the employer. For this purpose professional training courses are held in our Nanny agency London.
  • Once the candidate’s workplace has been determined, we can also provide assistance in arranging the trip and the employment contract.