What Are The Differences Between an Au Pair And a Nanny?

Would you think of an au pair in London would be the same as a nanny in London? If so, you’re wrong Between these two kinds of professionals there are a lot of differences. The most basic difference between them is that, while an au pair is not, a nanny is always a trained professional. They are volunteers who are not trained When it comes to taking care of children, they have no formal training. I also have some expertise in this respect at least.

Gap year vs. career

Such jobs are occupations we have chosen as far as nannies are concerned. This is a great opportunity for them to take advantage of the skills they have gained and also gain some great experience in the contract. All this will help them in the days to come to forge a better career. On the other hand, an au pair in London is a woman who has come to the UK to get a taste of the British way of life between the age group of 17 and 27.

Pocket money vs. salary

Au Pair London would only work for a certain fee. She is always a family worker for whom she serves. The family and a nanny also have a contract that details all the terms and conditions of such work. It suggests that here there is a question of a legal obligation. On the other hand, an au pair in London is not an employee of a family according to the rules of the Home Office. She should be hosted and supported by the family as well as treated as a member of the family.

Full time vs. part-time 

The nannies work in most cases on a full-time basis. They work for 2-3 full days every week at the very least. Keep in mind that they have longer working hours than regular jobs. An au pair in London, on the other hand, rarely works more than 25 hours a week. They can spend the rest of the time just as they wish. They will take language classes, discover their area of work, and also make new friends. They may be working longer hours in some cases.


Nannies are trained professionals, as has already been mentioned, and their main priority is to care for the child in the best way possible. They may do some extra work in some cases, taking care of the pet, but remember that they never get paid for the same thing. An au pair in London, on the other hand, is just like a family member and can be asked to do much more work. This includes light cleaning duties as well as other simple tasks of this kind. When the parents are busy, they may also have to attend to older children.

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